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Acer Laptop Service Center, check laptop with official warranty

In the regions of Indonesia there were many service  centers  of  laptops A cer  . This is for  the convenience of loyal customers of our products. So if  you  need  services related to any of our products, just find the  nearest service point Acer around you.

Service centers are already available in several major cities  such as Jakarta, Bandung, Aceh, Medan and others.  Our service points can be found in the nearest city.  Several  types of service  are provided  at our service points, such as cleaning units, software inspection and customer complaint   resolution.

Since Acer products were founded in  1976, they can be  described as  a legendary brand among other brands. Therefore, the improvement  of services for all customer needs will be done  in the best  possible  way.  With undoubted quality,  this does not mean that Acer products are not excluded from damage.

Don’t worry  if your Acer laptop is damaged. You can submit a complaint  directly to  our  customer  service  by phone or contact the  nearest service store directly.   Previously,  you can also do a self-check to see  if your laptop has an official warranty or not, here’s how.

Acer Laptop Service Center if it is officially guaranteed that there is a sticker

The first way  to check  if your laptop has an official warranty  or not is  very easy, just check  it   below.   Whether there is a warranty label or not, it sits right under your laptop. It  is very easy to  recognize, usually stickers are holograms, so it is  very difficult to falsify them.

So  there is no  need to worry whether  the warranty label is fake or not. This can also be done when buying our  products, remember to always check if you have an official warranty label or not. So  later it will be easier  when you need a service that can take advantage of our  official warranty claim.

If you’re still not sure, you can take your laptop  to your nearest Acer  laptop service center  . Ask the employee  who is  on  duty  for help with checking if the sticker  is  an official sticker. It’s   all about making sure the sticker is genuine.

Every  Acer  product sold at an official distributor  in Indonesia will have this sticker.   Just carefully  check if there is  a sticker at the bottom  to make sure it has an official brand.   There is nothing wrong with making sure of this  instead of regretting it  in  the future.

Check the Acer Laptop Service Center website in your browser

To check the assurance of the official warranty of your Acer  product and check the hologram label if you are not  satisfied or unsure.  You can check  directly through the website  or the website we provide to check the warranty  status of  the respective  laptop. This is to provide convenience in service.

Especially with circumstances  like the pandemic now, if you’re still not sure about leaving the house. This can be done by checking the  website if you are still afraid to leave the  house and communicate with the outside world.   With this warranty checkpoint,  it is designed to ensure quick and easy access.

You can check pages  to  check and make sure of it. After opening there will be several submenus, select the  warranty check  submenu  . If you filled it  with the serial number of your laptop or laptop.   To find your laptop’s serial number, you can find it at the bottom.

If you have correctly  filled in the serial number column  with  the  number listed on  the  bottom of the  laptop.   Click Submit to continue with the warranty review  process.  In addition to visiting  the Acer laptop service center  directly, this  can also be  done to make sure  you have  an official warranty.

Check Acer Laptop Service Center warranty via SMS

In addition to  checking through  Acer’s  website or  official website, you can also check by sending a short message or SMS.    This method  via SMS sounds very old-fashioned, but there  is nothing wrong with using this method.    Perhaps this is due to some circumstances that can only be checked via SMS.

No one knows  what will happen in the future,  it’s nothing more than to make Acer  customers  feel comfortable.  This method  may be  considered unpopular, but if there  is  a situation where there is no  Internet  connection,  this  method will be  very convenient to try.

The method is very simple,  just  write “SN(space)laptop serial number  ” and send to 0811982237    number  . If  the number is intended specifically for this matter.   You only need to provide credit and send  only one SMS to send.    Internet  connection  required.

If the  laptop you have  is  officially guaranteed,  then by sending a short message, the status will be known whether it is official or not.   It’s just  a  matter of waiting for a while to  process it.   It is true that no one wants   their belongings damaged or abnormal.

But the guarantee is necessary to prevent this.  There is nothing wrong with having an umbrella ready before the rain.   To check  what  can  be  obtained from the warranty, you can check on the official Acer  page  .    Besides the  three ways above,  there is  another way you  can try.

Check Acer Laptop Service Center warranty with warranty card

In fact, this method of control is the most common and common way to do it.   This means checking the warranty card obtained.   In addition, this card  will  also  definitely be  requested by the service  center of Acer laptops before making a claim.   This card is included with the purchase of  a new unit.

Along with some additional documents on the laptop.   Of course, this card is very easy to recognize and also on the card there is  a serial number according to the unit you have.   You can  rest assured that if the card  is  held and owned, you can make a claim if necessary.

However  , keep in mind that this official Acer  warranty  must be activated manually. So it’s not automatic immediately. You can create a list  of your laptop and start activating the warranty.   Not all trades activate the warranty, so you need to check if it has been registered.

There are several ways to register, the first is that  this can be done by sending  a warranty card and invoice when purchasing to Acer Customer Service Center Jakarta.   Moreover, you can also scan  two sheets and send an email to

You can also register independently through the official website of Acer   On  the  page, select the warranty registration submenu.   Make sure that  the  data is  correct and  correct,  and then submit it.    Be sure to make sure that  the  warranty  card  is  filled in correctly.

We as buyers should be  careful when choosing  products, because  no one knows what will happen to the unit of your choice later.    Hardware  and software are covered by warranty.   In particular,  for  software, it applies only to Windows that was preinstalled.

If a problem occurs,  you should first know the  details  of the  problem that occurred, so that later,  if there  is a complaint,   there are no errors in the report.    Then  do not hesitate and take it to the nearest store in your city. Our Acer Notebook Service Center provides the best service to our customers.

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