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Discover the benefits of KFC Call Center Indonesia services for consumers


 KFC’s call center services  are currently always busy serving consumers, especially if there are any questions, criticisms or suggestions. This shows how they still have good relationships with consumers even if sometimes the content is not good. In fact, they can continue to rise and grow due to customer reviews.


We already know that KFC originated in Uncle Sam’s country, the United States, but it is now available in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. Because the development in Indonesia itself is quite special because it is linked to many important parts. The result is to improve all services, including customer service.


Get to know the development of KFC in Indonesia


KFC was established in Indonesia in 1979 where, at that time, the process of purchasing franchise shares to open the restaurant was approved. More precisely in October 1979 with the address Jalan Melawai, DKI jakarta province. This has become an important step in the establishment of hundreds of points of sale in the archipelago.


In fact, the carrier of KFC products until they are sold in our country is PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk because the sole owner of this franchise. They were founded a year earlier, that is, in 1978, on the property of the Gelael family. This name is familiar, especially since there is an F2 driver of the same name, namely Sean Gelael.


At the time of the first opening in Jakarta, it turned out to have a positive reaction from the public. This is evident from the large number of visitors who are willing to line up to eat there. This then encouraged the development of several other major cities such as Semarang, Bandung, Surabaya, even outside the islands such as Medan and Makassar.


If you ask KFC directly about the call center or their website, there is also an explanation from the largest shareholders so far. In fact, in 1990, the Salim Group merged and held more than 35% of the shares, while the Gelael Group was almost 44%, the rest of which belonged to the community as well as employees.


They have also joined the Indonesian stock exchange since 1993 so that the development or growth of their shares will be faster. No wonder that now and so on, it is possible that it will continue to be demanded by the people. Especially the appearance of the restaurant is good coupled with the continuous emergence of the latest food and beverage products for its connoisseurs.


Various best products from people’s favorites


For the best products, if you ask the KFC call center or your closest friends, most of them will immediately respond to the fried chicken. In addition, you can choose several different variants with unique features. The most preferred by customers is the type of krispi where the skin is very crispy but the flesh is so tender.


This characteristic type of meat can also be found in meat for the Zuper Krunch Burger variant which is quite large in size with a unique character as there are corn flavors. Another Western food from KFC is that there are spaghetti that is in high demand because it is cheap, even most outlets sell less than 10,000 Rp.


If you want to smell the fried chicken variant with a different shape and taste, maybe you can try Chizza. As the name suggests, this menu is indeed served in the same way as pizza but the size is smaller. The advantage of this menu is the use of boneless chicken meat so that it can be bitten immediately without worry.


Not only can we find Western menus here, but there are variants of bento and yakiniku typical of Japan. For bento products, it is preferred because there is a lot of rice and chicken, so the choice of taste varies. Meanwhile, Yakiniku is also suitable as the main food as it makes our stomach full.


In addition, according to KFC, there  are also many unique call centers such as twisted fans. Mainly because it looks like a kebab and is easy to hold, so it is comfortable to bite. It is equipped with chicken meat and vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. If you want a snack that isn’t complicated, then twisty the answer.


Ordering food products is certainly not enough if you do not order drinks. Where we can order good drinks like Mocha Float and Chokocha Float. The advantage of Mocha Float lies in its original chocolate flavor and the addition of ice cream, while Chokocha is considered fresher due to the green tea blend.


Uses of the  KFC Call Center for Consumers


Kentucky Fried Chicken’s customer service turns out to have many good uses, one of which is as a bridge for autoclave communication with consumers. Not only about complaints, but CS is also able to provide a lot of information to customers so that they know what is needed. As a result, the company will be considered very professional.


The KFC call center is in charge of marketing products that more customers know. Employees received product knowledge training in order to be able to explain all services or products to consumers. Even if there is a type of promo that we do not understand, they can explain easily.


This is also included in telemarketing, where, in addition to explaining, they will persuasively encourage customers. As a result, sales or marketing of a product will increase. No wonder companies dare to spend large amounts of investment in order to train employees to work optimally.


If the employees are able to work well, the restaurant is more efficient to work so that no mistakes occur in the future. Later, employees responsible for serving the same customer relationships and employees of ordinary KFC restaurants have their own job and in no way interfere with each other’s performance.


The use of customer service is then able to allow us, as consumers, to easily reach restaurants owned by Kentucky Fried Chicken Indonesia. In addition, telephone communication can broadcast one of the company’s points of sale in an area of the archipelago.


If you want to contact customer service, you can immediately call the KFC call center number  , which is 08071677777. Any complaints or comments will be listened to so that they become good comments for both parties. If the phone is busy, consumers can also contact using sms to 081210005050 number.


Different Types of Best KFC Services in Indonesia


In addition to the features in the form of a KFC call center, it turns out that there are many other services that we can use as customers, for example, online delivery. If you do not want to go to the restaurant, you can immediately use the delivery service to contact 14022. In order not to use it for a long time, the order will be shipped immediately so that it is still hot.


Please note that before calling this service, make sure that the place of delivery is known to the sender. If the address is not reached, the process of ordering food through delivery orders is difficult. In addition, the object of delivery is in the form of fast food or drinks.


In addition to delivery orders, it turns out that this fast food restaurant already has an online ordering service. Of course, it is different from the company’s delivery note because it cooperates with motorcycle taxis online. Thus, contacting him cannot go to the KFC call center but via online ojek applications such as Go-Jek or Grab.


Finally, there is a drive-thru service, where we can order food on a street without leaving the car. We can not find this service in all points of sale, but only in large cities. You can find KFC drive thrus in DKI Jakarta, Tangerang and Bali.


The long history of this restaurant in Indonesia has proven that it can be the best choice to eat with the closest people. In addition, it is known to always have the latest products or promotions that are profitable for us as customers. In addition, there is a KFC call center service  so that it can help us in several ways.

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