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How to contact BCA call centre  number 24 hours

The 24-hour BCA call centre number  is very helpful for its users. With the presence of the call centre, one can easily solve the banking problems experienced by anyone.   The BCA is also one of the largest banks in Indonesia whose branches are spread across the region and its ATM machines are scattered in several places.

This bank already has a long history.   The BCA was set up for the first time in 1957. At that time, its founder Sudono Saleem immediately developed it as big as it is now. The BCA itself is under the command of Djaram and with that, it can be said that his business strength is very strong.

Now,  there are several subsidiaries of the BCA. For example, like PT BCA Finance  from a bank UIB  . With most of these subsidiaries, a customer may experience confusion.  This is the  main function of a 24-hour BCA call centre number. With its presence, the customer can overcome the confusion.

How  to contact the BCA call centre  in Indonesia

It is very easy to contact the BCA call centre  . It is enough for someone to call 1500-888. This is an introduction that is open to all Indonesians. These contacts can be contacted not only by customers, but also by people from all levels of the society. With that, the prospective customer can also contact him.

While dialing the number, there is no need to always be contacted during working hours. That’s because those contacts are open for 24 hours. In addition, the staff managing it will also be available every day. It clearly complains of the problem at any time in any case.

However, this  24-hour BCA call centre number  does not connect users with the staff because, the users will first connect with the auto responders. In the answer machine, there will be complete information about various issues from the customers. However, some unusual ones will definitely get confused.

Because, it is necessary to choose the correct numbers to get a description of the problem. To communicate with the staff, select the number 1 in the first question. That number makes communication indonesia. Then, select the number 1 again. Number 1 will make you opt for banking services.

Finally, select number 3. The selection will connect you to the Fire Cash service. This fire cash service can connect customers with the staff. However, if you don’t want to do any communication with the answer machine at all, there  is another 24-hour BCA call centre number.

This number is 021-235-88000. Calling the number will help anyone get the service quickly. In addition, there is no need to contact him even through the answering machine. With that, users communicate directly with the staff. This will take less time.

Contacting call centres can also be done abroad

All the above mentioned contacts are intended for domestic purposes only. When he was abroad, the contacts were clearly different. There is no need to worry about this. The BCA can contact  the  24-hour call centre number  anywhere as the bank already has branches in various countries.

The first country to be discussed was Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has very good diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Every year, many Indonesians go for Hajj. In fact, ATM requirements are likely to occur while there. Two numbers can be contacted while contacting in the country.

The first 24 hour BCA call centre number for Saudi Arabia is +966-54-220-0581   . The next number is +966-53-298-7625. After Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates is the next country. However, the BCA provides only one call center in that country. The call center can be contacted by +971-50-159-9393.

After the UAE, Qatar is the next country. The country has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. In fact, most Indonesians now decide to take a vacation there. The contact was also at +974-6688-8279. Don’t forget Hong Kong either.  The BCA also has a call centre exclusively for that country.

The 24-hour BCA call centre number  for Hong Kong  is +852-2356-2311. For the last point,  please also be aware that the BCA provides several call centers in neighboring Malaysia. Malaysia itself borders the archipelago so there are many Indonesian citizens there for various purposes.

Without any hesitation, contact e mpat is provided in MAlesia. First contact is +601-6422-6051. Then the contact of both of them is +601-6415-6051. If the number is still full, try to call +601-6414-6051. Finally, BCA Bank customers can call +601-6445-6051 when they are facing banking problems in the country.

Can also be contacted using social media

All the aforementioned call centres offer payment rates to their customers. None of them will free users’ communication. Therefore, don’t forget to top up the electronic credit first. Do not let the credit stock on the mobile phone be less than 25,000.

This amount should definitely be even higher if done abroad. Electronic credit of up to Rs 100,000 is required so that it doesn’t stop half way.  Please note that there is a need to communicate with the 24-hour BCA call center number  from the start of the half-stop call.

Instead of experiencing this, it is better to choose another way to contact. One of the best ways is to get in touch via WhatsApp. The BCA Bank WhatsApp contact  is at 0811-1500-998. This method is absolutely free when done. In addition, the popularity of WhatsApp in Indonesia is also questionable.

Almost everyone has their accounts. With that, it was much easier to contact him. If not via WhatsApp, communication can also be done via email. The official BCA email address  halo However, communication via e-mail has a flaw.

The main drawback was in the slow response. Certainly, email is different than phone. Staff questions should be read carefully. In addition, it is also necessary to write a good and correct grammar so that users’ satisfaction can be achieved.

Perhaps for the last resort, communication can be done via Twitter. The official BCA Twitter account  @Halo BCA.  If you want to contact him in person, you can dm. However, if you want to contact him more generally, you can also contact him using the reference.

Contacting the call centre will resolve the issue quickly.

 When the 24-hour BCA call centre number  is contacted, banking issues are resolved quickly because, the person managing it is already educated and has gone through a long process. Having said that, the quality of the answers it gives will not disappoint.

Don’t confuse yourself as you’re looking for your own answers on the internet. In fact, the answer is correct and the problem may have been resolved. But the problem may still get bigger. Instead of concluding, this situation can make you even more confused.

Requests like blocking ATM cards, blocking embanking, etc. can be made through call centres. In addition, you can also contact him with the aim of obtaining information. All issues and questions will definitely be fully answered. It  is never disappointing for the BCA to contact a  24-hour call centre number.

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