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In the delicious Recipe HAyam BKakK K ,West Java Homeme

Indonesia is particularly famous for  those who want to use spices to enhance flavor in a way for west Java’s Hyam Arch. To soften, if you look deeply at their own characteristics and various delicious Nusantara recipes, make them dry or soup dishes.

If you look at dry cooking, you can go through the process by cooking, burning, spicy or smoking, then in those who process for soup dishes.You know there aren’t a lot of patterns, the hiam itself is included in a special diet category because the process of making it goes through steam and spices.

The two stages of the administration are intended to drench the spice and become milder when eaten. This technique is  used to highlight  and improve the taste of dishes from fine roofs and spices in a dish, using a variety of other techniques.

Although you can do it at home with simple things at home, it still tastes good when eating rice, but keep in mind that the cooking utensils needed to use steam and spices must also meet the standards to properly infiltrate chicken meat.

How to process western Java’s usual Haiyam Bakakak paper

You have to prepare the chicken in advance, prepare the whole chicken that is broken down in the middle, and the chicken’s advice is that local chickens can be used, making the meat tender and tasty. Be prepared to taste 500 millimetres of thick coconut milk, 1 lemingrad main, orange leaf and bay, 500 milliles of water, salt and sugar.

It then prepares 4 weeks of good flavor, 8 rods of white rice, and 3    picket wheat. Use all the fragrances, but the chickens must be contaminated ± with 3 dirt, 1 TBS of salt, and 1 portion of the tarmac for up to minute minutes.

The next step to processing the West Javenz vegetable is to drink  fine fragrances along with coconut milk and other fragrances until the fragrance is fragrant. Add chickens that are allowed to stand in advance and wait until the spices are wet, and wait until the spices are wet and the coconut milk has fallen.

When the vegetable drenches inside the chicken meat, keep the chicken in a roast until brown, at which stage you can continually insult the chicken, so the chicken is joined Because of its constant insults, it adds to the taste of West Javanzek chicken; if it seems to be cooked, the chickens are ready to eat along with other fresh vegetables.

Signs of West Java’s Haiyam Beckett

Essentially, every processed meat must have a unique taste and it is no exception to a simple West Javanese spicy meal . You can try it, because the processing method is easy and the components can be used anywhere, guaranteeing that chicken tastes will not be inferior to those of other well-known restaurants.

Although it tastes salty in a distinctive flavor, it is still harmonious, which can be adjusted to individual flavors, especially vegetables and vegetables. Because of the presence of leaves, you may be able to taste special dishes that can be eaten with warm rice, which can also be served with the family for an event or a specific event.

Many people on the Internet provide articles on their varieties that you can use as a reference. But the end result will be that some spices and processing techniques will give you a different taste, even though they stay the same.

You can also change current recipes that your own agent tastes like adding spices to highlight the taste of Indonesian food more. You can sell yourself node and start a business, and the unique flavor will inspire the interest of many to taste the dish from West Java.

Haim Beckett has an extraordinary history and story, behind its taste

Essentially, the bread itself is interpreted by sitting cross-legged in the Sandanese, so the origin of why this dish is referred to as chicken bread is crossed chicken. Additionally, the method for haiyam gates is to be used during a ceremony in West Java,  as is the case in  West Java.

The cultural culture of Sandanese or West Java often uses chicken as a snack at the time of the wedding. For rituals, the chicken snack will be served during the Ijab Kabul ceremony, and the vegetables are eaten without rice, so the groom and groom can bite their mouths.

In addition to being used during wedding ceremonies, chicken dishes can also be used in traditional or circumcision, a blessing on a happy day. Of course, it has become a cultural custom of the Sundanese, the Pandegland region that has been passed down over the generations to make the yummy meal still original.

We know whether each region’s marriage customs have its own characteristics in both Central and West Java, but the two regions have cultural differences and their own. There are still ways of being grateful for individuals: if you are interested in wedding cultural customs, there is nothing wrong with using chicken dishes as a wedding blessing.

Haiyam Burkhart dishes are found only in some special places

The Aramaic cuisine in Indonesia is one of the most widely discovered dishes in the world. There are still many well-known restaurants that can serve as the main menu because many people don’t know how special this one dish is.

But don’t worry about the way you searched yourself on the internet and still be able to cook the West Javan vegetable yourself. If it is really difficult, there is nothing wrong with trying to process this method because it can provide a unique flavor and is different from other functional chicken meat.

It should be noted that hometown chickens are more appropriate because they can provide a delicious taste than other chickens, and then if you want to make a business using an Arum bucket method, F In order for customers to repent, the focus should be on the quality of ingredients and products, and the uniqueness of the unique salty flavor will always be of interest to enjoy the food.

It is rarely seen elsewhere, so it is certainly a good business idea for you to experiment with: set up a food store in your home and promote chicken flavor to everyone. Start with the basics by giving, and create a West Javenz Haiembuch technique as your own difference so that you can attract more customers.

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