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Money Loans Online Matching Solutions VS Common

The changes of the  present  time  have created many emerging  money lending solutions   right in   different  regions.   In fact, it’s not uncommon for loan offers to appear via sms sent  to your phone number.   The offer is also offered with a variety of interest rates from lowest   to highest.

When in difficult times you  often seek to borrow  money, it may be through close friends for  lending  service companies.  This  method you  consider useful in the hope of returning it as soon as you get a replacement.   Although it doesn’t bloom, it’s   possible that your good relationship is  damaged.

Not only when you need  money for yourself, when you  want to open a new  business  or enterprise, of course you need  capital    and  capital  in the first place.   When this happens,  you  can’t afford to borrow it from a friend for big money.   Then you will look for loans  with large amounts of money.

Money becomes what sustains   life

Money  is still  often a problem for the community because there are many needs to be equipped.   Then people will make great efforts to  earn income to support their lives. Therefore, it is often said  that money is the solution to many things.

But actually getting money by borrowing can be  detrimental if  you  can’t pay it back right away.   So now there are various loans that can be disbursed quickly.    The  right  money loans  are even sheltered in  large companies.   At least currently there are two ways loans can be used, namely online and conventional.

Advantages and disadvantages of each lending method

Conventional  loans  are still used today although many online loans have appeared. In the age of advanced technology, awareness is necessary in development.   The differences of  each  of these ways of lending will be explained based on their advantages  and disadvantages.


To make a money loan, the right solution,  of course, has the advantages  and disadvantages of both that you must know before borrowing.    Conventional or manual borrowing means going to  the facility directly to make a loan.

You will meet the  customer service  or waiter at  that place.   Then it will be asked the  required loan amount    and fill in  the  data according to the needs of the company.   Your data  will then be matched to your ID card to indicate whether you can borrow money.

Usually the company that provides the usual money lending service is THE BANK.  The advantage of  conventional money lending is the   clear formality of   the  company  and the use of  unnecessary  tools for the implementation of loans.   But the shortcomings eventually turned to  online loans.

The disadvantage of conventional loans is the advantage of  online lending  . One of them  is  a process that is done quickly so you don’t have to spend  time waiting in line on the spot. The time you spend is not wasted.   This  advantage  is felt when there is a sudden need.

Therefore,  online  lending is often referred to   as borrowing money, the solution is suitable when compared to conventional methods.      In addition  to being a quick process and  can be done anywhere,  online loans also have the advantage of very easy  requirements.  You need to prepare some photos of your ID.

How to make online and regular money loans

Although   both methods have  their own disadvantages  and advantages,  you still need to  adjust to your needs.   However, considering that nowadays you can more easily borrow from  online,  it  never hurts to  try some steps to get a loan online, such as in  below.

  1. Choose a reliable app

The important first step  for you is to choose a reliable online lending app.   Not all apps already have  official  permission  and belong to OJK.   Therefore, make sure that the app or company where you borrowed already has the official OJK logo.

  1. Download on Smartphone

Then, once you  have chosen, then you are asked to download the app on your smartphone.   As a money loan  , the  right solution  is to  make sure  that  the interest on the loan in  that  place  is   also low so that you have no trouble paying.

  1. Fill in your identity

Third step if  the  application  is installed, then open the application and fill in your data or identity.   Make sure everything is filled out correctly and completely.    This is aimed at avoiding  possible mistakes and instead being rejected by the company.

  1. Lend

If you have completed your   identity and have been confirmed by the app developer  ,  then take out a loan with the  amount you specified and  the  full   refund period   . In this step, it is very important to pay attention  and not to underestimate.

  1. Confirmation from the Company that made  the application

If you are sure of the amount   and duration of the loan, then you will be asked to complete the steps and wait for confirmation from the company.   Some  companies take some time  to  confirm due to  the large number of requests.

However, some companies in just a few  hours or even minutes can reply   to a  loan request for the amount of money you have submitted.

Consider using money loans as a suitable solution

Before taking  the above steps to borrow  money,  there are some considerations that you need to  pay attention to when borrowing  money, suitable  solution using a smartphone  or regular  application.   These considerations   are as follows.

  1. Payment plans

First of all,  in addition  to   the purpose  of borrowing,  you must consider the  payment plan that you have to do.   Try to compare the  income you receive with the  loan payment period.   Both online and conventional media should take this into account.

Usually when  starting a loan, the  right solution you   are required to report  profit and loss, cash flow statement,  to  be able to analyze the work and business situation  that you are currently facing a form of guarantee for the company.

  1. Loan amount

Secondly, there is the loan amount.  It is not because of the  ease of   borrowing  that you  end up  and do not carefully consider  the  title of your loan.   You can borrow the right amount of money and there is no need to exaggerate as  it  will make you even more burdened to pay it back.

  1. Collateral or Guarantee

Last of the     money  loans  , the  equally important suitable solution is to consider collateral or   collateral.   ORDINARY BANKS   or  online loans require collateral  or  collateral  as proof.   You cannot underestimate this as there are often rejections due to the inconsistency of the guarantees you provide.

However  ,  many  people can also   offer  unsecured  loans  because of the small loan amount.   Usually loan  guarantees  are required to match  the name of the   loan  to avoid the  possibility of being  late  or not being paid by the borrower of the fund  at  all.

When borrowing both regular and  online  , you have to make sure that everything is safe and not make mistakes. Therefore, you should  find the  best information  about money loans,  the  right solution you choose.

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