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Guide to motorcycle tax payment latest in West Week 2021

Bayar motorcycle tax online western week  and all regions of Indonesia today bisa made online or online faceless. This may be because there is already an online Samsat page that allows quick payments to be made. Not only is it fast, because it’s actually easy and practical.

However, availability is not yet evenly distributed. There are areas that already provide it and do not provide it. But in the 4.0 era, we believe everything will be processed faster, so that people don’t need to come back to Samsat’s office to make regular tax payments. The burden of time and costs can be reduced.

For the process of makingone, one must begin with downloading the SON or Samsat Online Nasional app.   You  can then make payments online with procedures in place. In this way, people can save more time and cost, especially during an epidemic like today.

This discovery certainly makes it easier for those of you who do not want to lose the official entry of the car. Indonesia or any country.   There will  be a ticket for driving without letters for violations. Furthermore, the owner of the motorcycle does not obey taxes, thus making it a fraud without an official letter.

Jihas until he was caught during the raid, p emilic had to hack an engine or vehiclenya diderek in the nearest office. To take care of him again, you will definitely be charged a large fine for not paying taxes. The owner also has to pay the back fees so it’s definitely expensive. So use the process of paying motorcycle tax online western week.

Download National or Regional Samsat Online Application

First, the guide to do is download or download the app. This claim must be properly based. So, at the time of entry to the playbook or appstore. Write the right keywords so you’re not wrong. To make things easier, check users’ testimonies. At least use the application with a value of 4.

Click on install and then the whole download process will be completed on its own. Apply to Android and iosto do it without needing to be installed.  I know there’s no need to worry anymore if it happens that you can’t install unknown applications. However, ifthis happens, coba enters the privacy settings menu to install it.

Wait until the installation is completeso that you can pay motorcycle tax online in West Java, Central Java, and all over Indonesia. If there’s a mistake in the installation, try to eliminate it first. Then install it again so it can be used. It usually happens that the cor upt file in the system installation is not fair enough.

Don’t worry about how much you’re not too big. Hanya just a little UK because it looks very simple. The purpose of this simple look is for new users not to be confused. Available menus are registration, payment code, payment, proof of payment, reward information, location, guide and exit system for sure.

Samsat’s national and regional online registration procedure

This registration procedure is actually about the same as other online systems. In fact, this should be the case, because the process of paying motorcycle tax on the Internet in West Java and throughout Indonesiais carried out online. Thefirst rays should enter the registration menu. Fill in all your personal data, we needn g according to the valid data.

Starting with police numbers, ID numbers, frame numbers, personal contact numbers and certainly email. In the current tense email, it becomes important to secure.  You can do it from google, yahoo, rocket, bing, and so on. However, for the most important option is Google because it’s easy.   Her quick roses definitely make it easy.

Then click a button. Then there will be a display of recording data and payment codes. The code can be used to pay. Bisa made it online through many options. Banks are the most important, especially ATMs.  It’s recommended to go through the atm if you don’t want to hold longer lines.

However, there is a better option using mobile banking. Mobile banks canonly operate via mobile phones. Bregret with clicking and clicking everything is done. In addition, online banking can also be used to pay motorcycle tax online in West Java.

Unfortunately, the length of payment codes usually has limitations. Especially in the tuition code this time, it lasts longer. It even reaches hours, so she still has time to do it conventionally. Fill out the payment so you can enter the next order. Feel free to choose which method as long as it goes.

Requests to confirm STNK motorcycle

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After paying the Western Week Online Motorcycle Tax you can use the proof of payment as proof of reimbursement. However, don’t go to Samsat’s office without bringing anything. Also bring the conditions for confirming the stn k engineso that the tax p r and how it can be resolved immediately. Then what do you have to be?

  1. Attach an active ID card

Nowadays, all IDs are definitely active. As long as you use your e-KTP, everything is definitely safe. So for those of you who still don’t have it. Hurry up and take care of him in   the nearest sub-county office, because the process is also quick.


  1. Holding the original STNK

It’s clearly like a test to pay the Western Week online motorcycle tax. Bring the stinking wind as evidence that everything will take care of him. A photocopy may not be brought in as it  will be withdrawn later for processing. The old stnk withdrew so thatyou dak could be used in criminal cases.


  1. Bartista of old TBKPB

There must also be evidence of repayment of the previous year’s payment obligations. This is to check whether the owner pays taxes regularly. Of course, if it’s not okay, a fine will be put in.  The penalty depends on the duration of the outstanding payments in the payment of taxes.


  1. Power of attorney in delegation

If you ask a representative to submit the ratification terms. A full prosecutor’s power with an official seal is required. Cellis the process of dealing with official letters. Everyone needs a power of attorney if they’re represented.

Claiming to be using an online system. In the  end, you gotta go to samsat, right? For payments that have been made before, it is just that the claims process still needs to be for samsat to be clear.

Motorcycle attenuation procedure

If the  payment  of motorcycle tax on the Internet in West Java, Central Java and all parts of Indonesia is committed.   You  also meet the approval requirements.   Go directly to Samsat’s nearest office. Just give it your all for further treatment.

For the routine, simply enter a special counter with all the data involved. The administrative officer will then enter all the data. Data verification isas real as it will be. If all fits between the registration number and the police. The process was declared successful and remained only subject.

You just have to wait in line. Then the bad smell is about to be sent home. If you’re interested in changing the plate, wait for the officer’s follow-up order. Usually just say wait a few minutes. The plate-making process will then take place while the process is awaiting. The dish is ready to be brought home and attached to the engine.

Another advantage we can have is a quick process. In addition,the sikopungli is gone because all processes have been done online.  The atheist gets up and is safer. So there is no reason not to use the online motorcycle tax payment process  in West Java and throughout Indonesia.